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Improving Vocational Education in Massachusetts: Three Ideas

I have been blessed to serve in vocational education in Massachusetts. Our system is known as the best in the country, and I have little doubt that that reputation is well-deserved. Because of our success, particularly over the past several years, vocational education has become a darling of the press – and a lightning rod for criticism, often unfair.

It’s a great system, but it could be even better.

Here are three things that could help us improve the vocational education system in Massachusetts — or at least maintain its current excellence:

1. Directly Address the Tension and Misunderstanding Between Vocational School Districts and Their Non-Vocational Counterparts. Misinformation and misunderstanding is all too common. It needs to stop. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) can – and should – take the lead. DESE should convene regular meetings of representatives of the major professional education associations, including the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators (MAVA), Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators’ Association (MSSAA), Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents (MASS), Massachusetts Association of School Business Officials (MASBO), Massachusetts Association of Regional Schools (MARS), and Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC).

Get them to talk.

As a bridge to common ground, DESE should ask these groups to focus on educational issues of mutual interest and ask them to identify solutions. The topics should include paying for out-of-district placement of students with severe disabilities, keeping alive arts and music in the public schools, providing education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and delivering 21st Century skills.

2. Insist on Maintaining High-Quality Vocational Education Programs. Chapter 74 of the Massachusetts General Laws governs vocational education. The law and its regulations outline high standards for program approval. The state must not deviate from those high standards – no matter where the program, no matter how high the political price. Doing otherwise puts the integrity of the entire vocational education delivery system and that of the state education department at risk.

In this context, DESE would be wise to drop the idea of “provisional” or “conditional” approval of Chapter 74 programs. Existing standards for these programs have worked well for decades. Why change them? If the state wants to speed up the approval process, that’s fine. Just reassign staff to put more people in charge of reviewing applications for program approvals. Don’t ease up on the standards.

Further, the state needs to clarify the circumstances under which the Commissioner would consider approving in an academic school district a Chapter 74 program that directly duplicates one already currently offered at a regional vocational technical district of which that community is a part. There might be exceptional circumstances where a duplicate program warrants such approval. In my opinion, those cases should be exceedingly rare.

3. Move Cautiously on Regulatory Changes. The vocational education system in Massachusetts is working well, exceptionally well. The regulations covering vocational education have been in place for many, many years. While there may be a need for some tinkering around the edges, there is absolutely no pressing need for wholesale change.

To its credit, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education invited the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators (MAVA) to talk about possible regulatory changes early on, before anything “official” was proposed. As a result, DESE modified its initial position on several issues and delayed its proposed timetable to bring the recommended changes to its board. With several new members on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, the case for further delay and investigation is even more compelling. Massachusetts would do well to slow down, allow practitioners to discuss these proposed changes further, and reflect carefully on their potential impact.

How Can I Start a Christian Financial Planning Home Based Business to Earn Profits?

How can I start a Christian financial planning home based business? A large number of people today are considering home based businesses simply because of the fact that they offer flexible hours, good financial freedom and the ability to use Christian beliefs and principles at work. If you are good at financial topics like taxation, investment planning, risk management then it can be a great opportunity for you to start a finance based business at home without much investment and enjoy helping fellow Christians who may need your advice to handle their finances.How can I start a Christian financial planning home based business? Decide on your business principles and missionOne of the most important steps for you would be to first decide on the business principles that you want to use and them craft your mission statement. Having a mission statement will guide you in the right direction when you start your business so it is very necessary to first think about what you want your business to be and then develop the rest of your business plan. With so many scriptures in the Bible, you will find a lot of inspiration to think about your mission statement.How can I start a Christian financial planning home based business? Decide on your target customersNext, you will have to think about the customers and the niche market that you want to target. This will be one of the most important steps in setting up your business since all your financial, marketing, business plans and goals will depend on the target market and the niche that you select. You should try and understand the different niches and then learn a little bit more about the requirements and the expectations of these target customers for the best results.Set up the businessYou will then have to actually develop a solid plan. Decide about the products and services that you want to market, make a list of the expenses, come up with a financial plan and develop your marketing strategy. Once you plan all of these in details would come the final step of actually setting up your business. You will have to start a blog or a website in the first place and try to make it as attractive and informative as possible.You should remember that since it is a financial planning business and since others would be trusting you with their hard earned money, you will have to provide them the trust that they would be looking for. How can I start a Christian financial planning home based business? It is easier that you would have thought it to be.